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I have assembled some of my original Star Trek fanfic and artwork here to share with those of you who appreciate Star Trek and all its incarnations.  I am especially fond of Star Trek Voyager, so this page is mainly Voyager Janeway/Chakotay fanfic.  I invite you to curl up, grab a cup of coffee and explore the efforts of my warped and heavily caffeinated imagination.  My stories are intended for mature readers and are generally PG to R rated, however they do not contain graphic descriptions of sex or violence, slash or any really squicky stuff.  Hopefully, I have both stories that will make you laugh and stories that will make you cry and some that do both.  Please check back from time to time, I am always working on new stories and artwork and will add it when it's finished and, as Kirk said, "May fortune favor the foolish!"

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I hope you enjoy the stories and artwork, feedback is greatly appreciated, I have placed a feedback form after each story or you may email me directly.  We aim to please!  Only this page and the artwork page have music.  Please use the navagation bar to select the list of either Voyager or TOS stories and then click on the title you wish to read.  If you wish to see the scans of some of Kate Mulgrew's notes on her "Bride of Chaotica" shooting script, that's in the Voyager stories section now.


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